How to Fix Error Code 1224-28


If you receive Error Code 1224-28 during office installation , the error generally shows up when there is a previous installation of Microsoft Office suite 2013/365/2010. Presence of previous installation prohibits the new installation to go through and that the reason the error shows up.

How to resolve Microsoft Error Code 1224-28

For Windows 7
1) Press start and Click on Control Panel
2) Click on Program And Features and Select your Office installation
3) Click on Change and than press on Quick Repair.
4) Follow the onscreen instruction and your office should be ready to run.

If this does not work then uninstall your office installation and reinstall it again.

For Windows 8
1) Goto Control Panel (Press win logo key + Q and type “Control Panel” and select it)
2)  Click on Program and Features

programs-and-features microsoft office repair
3) Click on your office installation and Press on Change.

how to repair office control panel
4) Select Quick Repair and follow the instructions.

Microsoft Office error repair


5) And finally you will get this message.



If this does not work uninstall your office suite and reinstall it again.

This should resolve the Error Code 1224-28. If the problem persists then there is a critical issue with your computer and it needs to be checked by an expert.

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