How to Fix Error Code 1224-4

Symptoms of Error Code1224-4

Error Code 1224-4 generally shows up during office installation and the error message looks like this “Something went wrong, Error code 1224-4”.

Causes of Microsoft Error Code 1224-4

1) Proxy Setting Interfering with the installation.
2) Previous installation of Microsoft office suite.

How to Resolve Error Code 1224-4

Step 1: Disable Windows Firewall Temporarily

1) Open Control Panel
For Windows 8: Press Win logo key + Q and in search box type “Control Panel” and Click on it.

Open Control Panel
For Windows 7: Click on Start and Select Control Panel.
In Control Panel, Select Windows Firewall
Click Control Panel

– Select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”

Click Windows Firewall
– Select “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” for All the networks and click OK.

Windows Firewall Settings

Turn off Windows Firewall
Note: After installation of office suite you can renable Windows Firewall.

Step 2: Disable Antivirus Temporarily.
Check with your manufacturer how to disable Antivirus.

Step 3: Try the installation Again.

If the Error Code 1224-4 still persist, that means there is a critical problem with your computer and it needs to be checked by an expert.

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