How to Fix Error Code 641-80070641

Symptoms of Error Code 641-80070641

  • You will be getting an error pop up
  • Microsoft Office installation will Abort
  • Your system might become slow

Causes of Microsoft Error Code 641-80070641

  • Incomplete Office installation
  • Corrupt System files
  • Proxy Conflict

Operation System Information :
This error can occur in following version of Microsoft Operating System :

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server Edition

How To Fix Microsoft Office Error 641-80070641

Repair Difficulty : Difficult

Step 1: Check System Files

1) Press Win + R

2) Type “cmd” and Press Enter.

3) Type “sfc /scannow” and press enter.

Note: You will need Admin rights to run the sfc command.

Step 2: Disable Windows Firewall

In case of Microsoft Windows 7

1) Press “Win + R” and Type “Firewall.cpl” and Press Enter.
2) Microsoft Windows Firewall Window will Open.
3) Press “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”

Note: If you are logged in as Normal user you will be asked to enter Admin Password

4) Turn Off Windows Firewall and Press “OK” Button.

Warning: Please Activate Windows Firewall after office 2013/365/Note installation is complete.

Step 3: Disable Your Antivirus Security
1)Open Your Antivirus
2) Disable it till the office 2013/365 repair is going on. Check antivirus vendor website for more details on how to turn off the security.

Step 4: Retry installing Microsoft Office.

The problem should be solved after following the above steps. If the problem still persists , its means there is a critical issue with your PC and it needs to looked by an expert.

If you still need any help , Chat with our Technical Support Team to resolve the issue.

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